My Favorite State

An old friend from high school recently asked me for a portfolio of photographs so that she may purchase one. Of course, this is flattering and inspired me to set up an actual on-line portfolio on this blog (not without incredible technical difficulty). I’ve had a handful of lovely folks in my life recently ask me to share photographs…and facebook isn’t always the best platform for many reasons…


A few disclaimers.

1. Yes. There is a watermark. I know that drives some people mad. But, the internet is a wasteland of sharing other people’s work without credit. I don’t claim to be an excellent photographer. Maybe it is outlandish to think that someone would want to “steal” my photographs. But, I do care. And I do own my own work…same with my writing.

2. On the same (watermark) note. In high school and college I used to destroy my artwork. I mean, I would make something (a painting, a sketch, etc) and then tear it to shreds. It used to drive my art teacher (Mrs. Lee) absolutely nuts. In my painting class in college I painted over half of my artwork. Now, to be fair, some of my artwork was crap. In fact, my mom still owns some absolutely embarrassing “pottery” (aka weird lumps of clay). But, I don’t think all of my artwork was crap. I thought anything I did was crap at that age. Remember The Dead Poet’s Society when Ethan Hawke’s character destroys all of his poetry and lies and said he didn’t do the assignment? That was totally me (and half of everyone else ages thirteen through twenty). I thought I was dreadful and useless at that age. Thankfully I got over that depressing phase. So, y’all, hear me loud and clear when I say…I don’t give a shit if you don’t like the watermark! I’m gonna sign my work! Geez.

3. On a less intense note, I do not claim to be an award winning photographer. I need a photography class. My camera isn’t fancy. But I like taking pictures. So here they are…